Monday, October 31, 2011

Thankfulness Project Monday

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily.  ~Gerald Good

Happy Halloween. This pumpkin above is about as much as I'm doing for Halloween this year. A little sad? Maybe. I'm just not into the halloween holiday itself. Fall, well...that's another story. On this Halloween day, here are a few of the things for which I am thankful:

  • Pumpkins: I love my little light up pumpkin (pictured above), and love turning all the lights off at night and watching TV with just that light on in the room! From the little pumpkins and gourds I have in my house and on my desk at work, to the pumpkins I pass while driving around town, I think they add a lot of fun and "cheer" to some very early mornings in my life. It's the little things in life that we sometimes forget to be thankful for. 
  • Fall Foods: I've been eating some DELICIOUS fall foods, some of which I've talked about on this blog. Click here for my latest fall recipe that I've made! Seriously- check it out. It's DELICIOUS! 
  • Family Fun: I've spent this past week with variations of different family members. While it was unexpected, I sure enjoyed the time that I spent with them! 2 of them I haven't spent any significant time with in the last few years, so it was fun to catch up!
  • Crunchy Leaves: Being outside in the fall is one of my favorite things! I know I talk about how healthy and important being outside in nature is, but I really do believe it! In the fall, I love walking on the edges of the road and hearing the sounds of the crunching leaves beneath my feet. I've loved it since I was a little kid, and I try to do it at least a few times every season! 
  • Laughter: I did a post about a month ago on why having a sense of humor is critical to our health. You can read it here. This week was full of laughter, and it was fantastic. Of course there were a few tears and some stress too, but the bad doesn't have to discount what was good. Laughter is healthy, and I got to experience it this week...quite a bit:) 
Now it's your turn!
Are you dressing up for Halloween. If yes- what is it? If No- will you give out candy instead?
What are you thankful for this week? 

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