Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Blog Posts From 2011

I know it's been a little quite here the last few days, but I've been enjoying time with my family and friends. I'll be back to regular posting next week! In the meantime, for my "Friday Favorites" post I thought I would do a summary of my favorite blog posts from 2011! Enjoy!

5 top posts from the year:

Some of my favorite posts from the year:

  • Challenging & Changing Cognitive Distortions - The post has a lot of good information about transforming your thinking patterns to allow for greater health and happiness in your life!
  • Thoughts of A Perfectionist - Not only does this post address thinking patterns of the perfectionist, but links to the other posts from the series on perfectionism that I did.
  • It's Not About Me!
  • The Series on Grieving and Loss- this link will take you to various posts by topic. This series is under "loss". I feel like this is good information to know, and can help us deal with suffering and loss in healthy and realistic ways!
  • Don't Use Words Too Big For The Subject - Ways to change our word choice to align with reality. 
  • The Series on OCD- I linked to the final post in this series, but it will take you to all the other posts as well! I hope that those who are struggling, or who have a loved one who is struggling, can find information like this and be able to recognize and understand it better!
  • "You Don't Understand" - We've all heard (or said) that phrase before, haven't we? This post discusses that simple little phrase, and how it changes conversation and relationships.
  • Healthy Coping Skills- It's good to use and practice good coping skills, isn't it? This post discusses categories of coping, and addresses ways to cope with things in a healthy manner.
It was honestly pretty hard to choose my favorite posts from the year. These aren't necessarily entertaining, but they contain information that is helpful or even crucial for living a healthy and happy life! 

Now it's your turn:
Link to your favorite blog post from the year in the comments section!

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