Saturday, December 10, 2011

Candy Cane Oatmeal

Last weekend I wanted to make a Christmas sort of oatmeal. If you've been following this blog for long, you may know how much I love making all sorts of varieties of oatmeal, and especially love making them for the season! As I paced about my living room and kitchen trying to come up with what to do to my oatmeal, my eyes landed on a box of "Candy Cane Lane" tea. I immediately knew what I wanted to make: Candy Cane Oatmeal!

Candy Cane Tea
Brown Sugar
Almond Slices

I started out by bringing the water to a hard boil. I then pulled the pan off the stove and put 1 candy cane lane tea bag in the water. For a stronger tea flavor, put in more tea bags! I let the bag sit in the water for about 5 minutes, and then pulled the bag out of the water.

I then put in the appropriate amount of oats for the fluid I had, cooked, and added toppings. 

Voila! DELICIOUS and healthy oatmeal that is perfect for the Christmas Season!

I stopped myself before adding crushed up candy canes to the top of it, but I'm a little tempted to try it out next time! Of course you could make this with any type of tea, but the Candy Cane tea made it more Christmas-y! 

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Now it's your turn:
What are some of your favorite extras to add to oatmeal? Have you ever tried Candy Cane flavored tea? 

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