Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheese & Beer Dip

I'm always looking for fun things to bring to events and dinners, as well as providing for parties at my own house. While I like to provide some healthy foods, I think it's more then fine to serve a few things that aren't quite as healthy. Enter: Cheese & Beer Dip. This is absolutely delicious, and even though I'm lactose intolerant, I could hardly keep myself from eating more then the half of a bowl that I ate (yes- it's so good that I was willing to have an evening of stomach pain just to get a bit of that stuff)! I didn't get the recipe from this site, but it's incredibly close to the one I used.

cream cheese
cheddar cheese
a packet of ranch dressing mix
green onions

How I made the bowl
I bought a round loaf of bread, and cut a small layer off the top of the loaf. With washed hands, I scooped the bread out, which created the bowl. Once I tore the bread out of the center, I tore that bread into small, bite sized pieces to be dipped into the cheese sauce. 

It looks good, doesn't it? Every time I've had it, whether it being served to me by someone else, or making it myself, everyone around goes crazy for it. It's incredibly easy and quick to make, and travels to another location easily. And it's perfect for football parties:)

Now it's your turn:
What's your favorite thing to make for parties? 

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