Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This week started out with beautiful, sunny, 50 degree weather, but by the end, it dropped to the teens, with a wind chill factor in the negative digits. Burrrr! Winter has arrived.

Today I'd like to talk briefly about pinterest. I stumbled on this post on pinterest etiquette, which I highly recommend reading! Pinterest is a great place for bloggers to highlight their posts, but if we don't pin appropriately, we can end up "harming" bloggers and their copyrighted property. The author suggests the following guidelines:

Pinterest can be a great asset to bloggers, so lets make sure to pin responsibly, ok?

A recap of my posts from the week:

As always, it's sunday which means it's time to set some mini goals for the week! Health is a series of small choices and decisions along the way, so don't discount creating mini goals for yourself!

As bloggers, let's start pinning others' posts that we enjoy to help each other out, but lets do it appropriately, ok?

Now it's your turn:
What's one of your goals for the week? Are you on pinterest? 


  1. Yes I am on pinterest but haven't quite figured it all out yet. My goal for this week is to get out more no matter how I feel. You must live farther south than I do, for your 'cold' temperatures don't come close to what we are experiencing in Ontario!

  2. If you have the little pin icon on your bookmark bar, when you read a blog or website with something you want to pin, just click the little pin icon, and it will let you choose the picture and the board that you'd like to pin to! Yes, I do live further south then that!