Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: {who I am today}

I know I've taken a few weeks off my Wellness Wednesday posts. This has been for 2 reasons: First, I've had an incredibly busy last few weeks preparing for a few extra responsibilities beyond what my normal life entails. Secondly, I've been working through my series on OCD, and decided to put my wellness posts to the side to get through that series.

As you know, while talking about wellness, one of the things I've mentioned many times is that the choices we make now in regards to our health will change how we are and what our health will be in the future. I stumbled on this quote and thought I'd share:

Spend a few minutes going through some of the other Wellness Wednesday posts, and figuring out one choice you can make today that which change your tomorrow. I'm planning to be back to my regular "wellness Wednesday" posts next week, so go back as you have time and refresh your memory about the various types of wellness I've discussed so far!

Now it's your turn:
What do you want your today and tomorrow to look like? What choices do you need to make today to make sure that your tomorrow can happen?

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  1. Oh man. I just realized that I need to start getting things in order for next semester of school.
    Love the Wellness Wednesday idea. Going to check out more. #commenthour