Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I'm Complaining Just A Little Bit Right Now

In March I wrote a post entitled "Why I'm Not Complaining Right Now." I figured today, given that it's another time change, I should write a follow up post. While in the spring it's unfortunate to lose an hour of sleep, what I gain is getting to drive home and have it light out, and be able to work out on my own outside.
That brings me to today. While in the fall we get an extra hour of sleep, I lose my ability to work out outside after work on my own. The area I live in is not safe enough to be outside by myself at night, so my work out options immediately plummet. The decreased hours of sunlight are also pretty hard on me, and I use a light box to help compensate (but nothing compares to sunlight)! I work in an office that has no windows, so now that it's dark when I leave work, I only really see light on the weekends. It makes for a long winter.

While I enjoy my hour of sleep, I enjoy my months of sunlight even more. This time change leads to a few months of struggle in my life, so now I start implementing my "winter plan" for health. It takes extra hard and intentional work for me to implement my healthy behaviors these next months, but it's certainly not impossible.

Here's a Recap of some of my posts for the week:

*Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (it's delicious and well worth your time to try!)
*Developing The Practice of Gratitude and Thankfulness (I encourage each of you to try to implement a few of these steps in your life!)
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Now it's your turn:
Do you like this time change? What do you like or not like about it? 

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