Monday, January 23, 2012

Thankfulness Project Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend, and are starting the week feeling refilled or productive! Here's a few things you may have missed in the last week:

And now here's a few of the things that Im feeling thankful for today:

  • The wind dying down: It's been so windy the last week, and I can hear it howling while inside the house! Luckily the wind has finally died down, and it feels tolerable to walk outside again!
  • Hot Tea: I think this goes along with it being a colder week outside! I've had tea non-stop each day, and I love the variety of tastes that tea can have! I don't have a favorite flavor, but have still been drinking a lot of the candy cane green tea from Christmas. 
  • Meals with Friends: There are very few things I enjoy more then sitting down to a meal with friends and spending that time talking about life, laughing, and processing various events. More often then not, sitting down with a friend lifts my mood and leaves me thinking a bit more clearly then I did before. 
  • Magazines:  Simply put, I love them! I love curling up in front of the TV on saturdays and flipping through magazine articles, looking for organizational or fitness tips, or even recipes. 
  • Time to Organize: After a very busy fall and holiday season, I finally have some time to sit down and go through old papers and things that have stacked up since this summer! It feels good to finally get some control over all that extra stuff in the house, and feels even better to toss some of it out!
Now it's your turn!
What are you feeling thankful for today? Now that Christmas is over, what's your favorite hot drink to consume?

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