Thursday, April 7, 2011

World Health Day

I'm sorry I've been so absent from my blog for the last week or so. I've been dealing with a health related issue, and am slowly getting better. Thank you for your patience in my posting schedule!

However, I did want to highlight the fact that today is World Health Day, which is put on once a year by the World Health Organization. Each year there is an identified theme, with this year's theme being Antimicrobial Resistance (drug resistance). This is creating the "superbug" that isn't phased by the drugs that have typically treated them (makes me think of bedbugs ... shudder...).  I won't spend time summarizing what the theme of this year is about-if you're interested please check out the link above!

Health is such an important aspect of our lives, and when we have it, we can fall into the trap of taking it for granted. So today, why not spend time thinking of ways you can get involved in worldwide health. How can you give back to those in the world, and help to further health initiatives? Remember, health can come in a number of categories (HIV/Aids, Cancer, Clean Water, Vaccinations, Obesity, mental health, etc...).

How can you give back to worldwide health, and help move it forward? What are your favorite health organizations?


  1. ooo thanks for sharing!! im def going to have to think ab this one!

  2. I always try to thank God for our blessings in health every day. I hate taking something so special for granted, but I know I do too often as well.

    Hope whatever you're facing is getting better!