Monday, April 18, 2011

Thankfulness Project Monday

I'm starting to get into the habit over the weekend of coming up with things that I'm thankful for in preparation for this post. Doing so has started to create a daily habit, which is the whole goal of the thankfulness project! So, without anymore comments, here are some of the things I'm thankful for today:

  • A very "checked off" to do list: Ok, so I wrote "productivity" on my list last week, so I changed the wording up a bit. But, I feel like it's fine to say this two weeks in a row. I had a fairly unplanned weekend, which was exactly what I needed! I had a long list of "to-dos" that I needed to accomplish around the house, and I got almost all of them done! I always feel more settled going into the week when I have things accomplished. 
  • Health: Allergen levels have picked up this week, and I've started to feel a little less then my best. And every time I'm tempted to complain, and remind myself how blessed I am to be only dealing with allergies. It could be much worse. 
  • "My Little Lifesaver": This sort of goes along with the above point. I've been fairly susceptible to allergens for many years, and this reaches the boiling point back in 2007. I'd experienced almost half a decade of 8-9 months a year of sinus infections, even going onto steroids to try to knock them out. The ENT said it was either this or I'd need surgery, and for the last 4 years, I haven't even had a sinus infection. It's amazing! Every morning I wake up with a sinus headache, and this is the first thing I use. Voila. No more headache!
  • My Space Heater: I think it's a little funny that "sun and heat" was on my list last week, and a space heater is on this week. It's been cold and rainy, and I don't want to turn on the heat for my whole house in April. The space heater is a much cheaper way to give a little heat to my house! And let's face feels great to come in from the pouring rain and sit down in front of it!
  • Support in Education: While I'm not in school, I am still required to continue learning and educating myself in the field of counseling, and in the issues that my clients face. We are to keep up with the current research in the field, and add various new techniques to our practice. I'm so thankful for what I learn from my other colleagues and friends in the field, and for the resources that are passed along to me! 
There you have it! Just a few of the many things that I'm thankful for at the moment. 

What was the highlight of your weekend? What are you thankful for today? 

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  1. I'm thankful for blogging, and thankful for my husband's successful dissertation defense! His committee provided super useful feedback that will really benefit him in future research. :D

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog - I appreciate you!