Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Food Finds While Traveling

I've mentioned this in a few posts, but these last weeks I've been busy traveling quite a bit! It can be a challenge to eat healthy, as fast food restaurants are plentiful and cheap on the road. If you haven't read my last two posts on health and safety while traveling, here they are:
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There are a number of new products I've gotten to try while on my travels, so I thought I'd post some pictures of them here! Enjoy (and try not to let your mouth water TOO much!)

I love eating plantains, so I was incredibly excited when I found plantain chips in a grocery store in Florida!

Frozen Yogurt (ok...not the most healthy choice, but completely delicious). This was orange sherbert (dairy free) with a little cake batter, topped with brownie bites, mango, kiwi, and strawberry. YUM!

I eat this for breakfast almost every day I travel. Pomegranate Chobani with granola. Packed with protein and calcium, which is a perfect way to start the day!

Qdoba Mango Fresh Salad, topped with Guacamole! I've eaten this a number of times over the last month, and think it's delicious!

I love guava, so I was really excited to see these on the shelf at the grocery store. Bonus- they are lactose free!

Also lactose free! 

I'm a huge fan of tropical flavored things, so I was excited to see Coconut Soda. I hardly ever drink soda, but decided to splurge one day on this!

Because I can't eat ice cream, and I couldn't get my hands on any frozen yogurt, I bought fruit and mango sorbet from the grocery store. It was ALMOST as good as the real deal. 

I eat these all the time while I'm traveling! Healthy and delicious!

This is one of the most delicious and refreshing teas I've ever tried in my life! 

Here's What I'd like to Know:
Have you stumbled upon any new foods recently that you are loving? What's your go to health food when you're traveling?


  1. I love plantain chips! I wish I could get them where I live :-) I always take Luna bars and Cliff Mojo bars with me when I'm traveling, and trail mix. I actually kept trail mix in my desk at work for any emergency hunger attacks. I recently bought yogurt covered pretzels and raisins for my daughters for our last road trip and enjoyed the snack as much as they did :-)

  2. All those look delicious!! if one must eat on the road, i think you have provided some great suggestions! my go to snacks tend to be protein drinks simply bc they are easy to consume whist traveling and they keep me filled. xx

  3. What type of protein drinks do you like? I'm always looking for good ones.