Thursday, June 9, 2011

Health & Safety While Flying

Leaving on a jet plane!

In yesterday's post, I discussed post, I gave 10 tips for safety while on a driving trip. Today's blog post is dedicated to safety while flying. As you know, I love to travel, and unfortunately this means a lot of flying (can you say long lines, inappropriate touching at security, and lost baggage?). Here are a few of my tips for a safe & healthy travel experience. 

1. Hydrate on the day leading up to, as well as the day of, your flight: It's not only difficult to get enough fluid while traveling, but the airplane can be very dehydrating. Coming into the experience well hydrated will only benefit you.
2. Once again, bring lots of snacks! While a flight might only be 2-3 hours, you might get stuck waiting on a runway for 2 hours before you leave. You may arrive late, and have to skip your planned dinner during the layover you've now lost due to time. Always bring healthy snacks (protein bars are great) to hold you over...or as a substitute for a meal if necessary.
3. Bring an empty water bottle. While you can't go through security with water, if you bring an empty water bottle, you'll be able to fill it up as soon as you get into the main part of the airport. This will help you to stay hydrated. 
4. Pack a change of clothing in your carry on bag: I've lost my luggage multiple times, sometimes for a week or more. The last thing you want is to walk off the plane in dirty clothes, and have to sleep in them and wear them again the next day. If you lose your luggage, you'll be happy to have that clean shirt with you!
5. Pack all medications in your carry on bag: NEVER CHECK YOUR MEDS. Again, trust me on this one. If you lose your luggage for a week, you will be without those medications for that time. If you have prescription medications, always bring them in your carry on bag. 
6. When you fly, you are at a risk for deep vein thrombosis for a few weeks following your flight. Know the warning signs, but don't turn into a hypochondriac. 
7. Take frequent stretch breaks. This helps you decrease the chances of something like DVT. Click here for an excellent link with information & videos for stretching on the airplane. 
8. Use this if you have a cold or sinus infection. If you have a cold, the pressure in your nose and ears can feel unbearable. This is the best trick I've found (along with a decongestant) to help make your flight as painless as possible. 
9. Bring eye drops or your glasses if you wear contacts. Again, flying is dehydrating, which can irritate eyes (with or without contacts). Eye drops can be incredibly beneficial and add to your overall comfort. If you wear contacts, I'd suggest bringing your glasses, a contact case, and solution for a longer flight, just incase your eyes get too dried out. 
10. Be Prepared! While it's fun to travel in a cute blazer, dark skinny jeans, and heels, if your flight gets canceled and you have to sleep on the floor of the airport, you will not be happy with your clothing choice. Keep this in mind as you dress for your flight. Bring layers of clothes to stay warm in the airport or plane, and something to lay your head on (i.e. a backpack or hoodie) if you do end up having to sleep in the airport. 

Do you enjoy flying? What's your worst flight story?

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