Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Self-Love: Invest in Yourself!

I'm big on self-care and loving yourself. You are at the core of everything that you're doing and engaging in, and if you're unhealthy, that adds a lack of health into the system you are engage in (whether that be work, a marriage, raising a child, or something else).
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The way I see it, when we invest in ourselves:
  • We help make our interactions with others healthier 
  • We invest ourselves in healthy ways into our children
  • We invest in our future selves
  • These things create a change in our grandchildrens' lives
And so on and so forth. When we choose that we are worth our time to invest in, we can make the whole chain down in the family more healthy. It can start here and now, with the choices that you make. And here's the point: YOU need to decide that YOU are worth investing in during your day! If you don't believe that you are worth your personal investment, those self-care behaviors won't be maintained in life, and health will start to slip away. I realized in my own life that I had to believe that I was worth it. Once I did, that's when the work of self care in my life actually began. 

Here's what I'd like to know:
Do you consider yourself worth investing in?
If yes- Why are you worth investing in, and how do you invest in yourself on a regular basis? 

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  1. I am definately worth investing in. I am fun, and smart, and pretty, and kind. But most of all God loves me and decided I am worth it. Who am I to disagree with him. I invest in myself by exercise, prayer, laughing, and sourrounding myself with peopl who also think I'm worth it.