Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When It Comes to Loss, Remember... {Part 1}

Happy Tuesday! What a week it has been with big news events. Whew. Who needs a little break? I should have mentioned this earlier (my bad!) but I just want to send my thoughts & prayers out to the people of Alabama specifically right now as they are grieving and dealing with the loss of people, houses, and a sense of comfort and normalcy.

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Here are a few other "facts" to remember when dealing with any time of grief or loss:

  •      When it comes to grief, it’s important to remember that there isn’t one “right way” to deal with grief.
  •       People will offer a lot of advice and suggestions. Remember-you are a different person then the advice giver, so while some things may work for you, others will not. THIS IS OK!! Try the different things out as your feel comfortable and don’t get down on yourself when they don’t work. Just try something different!
  •      There is no fast forward button on grief, and no magic pill to take it away. There’s no option but to walk through it. It may be a long, difficult, and dark night, but the light of morning WILL be on the other side. Happiness and joy CAN return again. But no one can really make the feelings of pain go away. You need to walk through the experience and learn to deal with it in a healthy manner to help heal. 
      What's your favorite part of Tuesdays? 

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