Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dealing With Grief {Part 3}

As the title suggests, this is the 3rd post in my discussion of healthy ways to deal with grief (let's be honest- if I'd included 12-15 things in one post, who would've actually stuck around to read the entire thing?). You can click here and here to read the other posts.
Here are a few more healthy ways you can choose to deal with grief in your life:

  •         LAUGH. Find something (a funny website, TV show, favorite comedy, etc…) that will help you laugh a little bit.
  •         Create a memory scrapbook: Sometimes when we lose something or someone important, we retell the stories and memories over and over and over again so we don’t forget them. Instead of having to do that, it can be helpful to create a book of memories and pictures and funny stories. Then you don’t have to retell the stories over and over because you always have a place to go back to. This can be freeing.
  •         Journal! This can be helpful in identifying and processing, and even expressing, the various emotions and experiences that you are going through. Sometimes, writing can be difficult, so typing something like an online blog (you can block to private so no one else can read!) can seem a little less overwhelming to do.
  •          Figure out a special way to remember your loved one: Pick up an interest they loved, get involved in an organization that they valued, or create an organization/walk/group they would’ve loved (i.e. your spouse dies of cancer so you hold a cancer walk once or twice a year). 
After looking at the 12 ways I've posted here to help deal with loss, do you think any of these might be beneficial in your life? How was your weekend?

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