Friday, June 3, 2011

Mediterranean Pizza Recipe

I haven't posted any food or recipe related items in awhile (unless you count my post devoted to Froyo), so I thought I'd share something delicious today! I've always been a huge pizza fan, and being lactose intolerant threw a wrench into that. While I still enjoy pizza from time to time, it's one of the things that I've had to give up more or less. That being said, if I choose to make my own pizza, I can make my own sauce and leave the cheese off the top, thus making a pizza I can eat.

So I set out to make a mediterranean flavored pizza. Here's what I came up with:

Olive Oil
Roma Tomatoes
Red Onion
Pre-made crust from Meijer

Mix olive oil, tomatoes, basil leaves, and spices together. I didn't measure any of these out, and just mixed until it look right. I spread this out on the pizza crust, making sure that the oil touched every part of the crust. It should look something like this:

I then added my extra toppings. If you like cheese, you can add it. I threw on some pepperoni, which tasted great!

This is what it looked like coming out of the oven. Voila! It was absolutely delicious, and I made 2 of them in the last few days. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans? What are your favorite pizza toppings? What's your go to drink with pizza? 


  1. I always prefer making my pizzas myself and I love adding fresh veggies and herbs to it. This looks fab!

  2. What a dish,
    pizza is awesome.My brother loves it very much. in other words he is mad for it.i will surely prepare i for him.

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe it's definitely a really good reward for my brother who got his Basset Certification last week. But still work on the dough first. I'm not really the cook-type but I'd like to do something special for him.