Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greek Yogurt in Greece

Do you remember my first post on the Greek Yogurt Chobani? I grew up eating yogurt every day, but once I found out I was lactose intolerant, I cut yogurt out of my diet. For a few years, I missed yogurt, and desperately tried to find a substitute. I was thrilled when I stumbled across Chobani, and realized that it was not only incredibly healthy, but also didn't bother me lactose-wise. I'm SO glad that I tried this before actually going to Greece- I was a lot more comfortable eating the yogurt there knowing that I was going to be ok.
Since March I've had Greek Yogurt ever day for breakfast or lunch. Imagine my joy when i went to breakfast the first morning in Athens and was served this:

Yes...you are seeing correctly. That is a glass dish of greek yogurt with honey...and the Acropolis (Parthenon) in the background. I don't think any greek yogurt can ever compare to this great experience:) Ok, enough with the cheese factor. Seriously though, this greek yogurt was fantastic (and the view didn't hurt either). What I love about Greek yogurt is that it not only tastes great and has a good texture (smooth and creamy), but it's healthy! Packed with protein, this makes an excellent and healthy breakfast or snack throughout your day. If I could some how force each of you to eat Greek yogurt on a regular basis, I would. But let's face it- that would be impossible, creepy, and really poor boundaries. So I won't. But I can encourage each of you to run to your closest grocery store immediately and try it if you haven't. Not only is it delicious, but it's also a healthy decision (and don't we all love when healthy tastes good too?).

Have you tried Greek yogurt before? If so- what flavor is your favorite?


  1. You know chobani holds a special place in my heart! And how cool you got to dine on Greek Yogurt with the Parthenon in the background. Just a little jealous. ;)

  2. That yogurt looks incredible! If I could have that yogurt in that setting every single day, you know I would be eating it!

    My favorite flavor is probably vanilla. I like to add my own fruit. But I also really like plain for its versatility. So many ways to dress it up! :)

  3. I love greek tzaziki!! YUM!!!
    And Greece is so beautiful!!!
    Visiting from commenthour!
    Ro :)
    Have you had your Mom-ME Moment yet today?

  4. I only recently found greek yogurt and I love it. I love that it has so much protein! I usually get strawberry.

  5. I love Chobani and eat it just about every day. My favorite flavor is peach.

  6. I have never had Greek yogurt before, but I have never tried it because I can not stand "regular" yogurt in any flavor or texture. My MIL told me they are nothing alike, but this is the same woman who told me German cheese cake is nothing like American cheesecake (she is from Germany) and when she made it for me I could not tell the difference (except for the added mandarin oranges) and I do not like either LOL.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Greek yogurt! I went to Rhodes last year and lived on it! When I came back I discovered Sophie yogurt and it's really thick, creamy and indulgent - just like the real Rhodian yogurt!