Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 states, 2 countries, 1 month

In the month of January, I have been in 2 countries and 6 states. I love traveling, experiencing new things, and getting to see people:) However, I'm also a little tired; tired of waiting in lines, boarding planes, losing luggage, and breathing stale air in the plane. It's sort of a love hate relationship, really, but it allows me to do many fun and wonderful things!

So, this weekend I was in Florida. I went through security, and got pulled to go through the Xray machine. Nothing popped up on the xray, but apparently that wasn't good enough for them. So I got pulled into the 2nd screening area, and got the "pat down". I put that in quotes because it was more like a groping/rubbing session, and one which I turn someone in if it happened out in the real worried. It was humiliating, violating, and VERY inappropriate. Plus I had to pull down the top of my pants and lift up my shirt. I'm not really sure why that was necessary seeing as nothing popped up on the x-ray machine (and, fyi, I'm not a terrorist!). I'm all for safety, but what I experienced really crossed the line. I was furious. But mostly, I kept wondering how those people who have been sexually abused might feel. I kept wondering how many people have been triggered by this experience...I certainly don't know this answer, but it made my heart hurt for those people.

Anyways, then my flight was delayed, causing me to almost miss my next flight (i sprinted through the airport and got there as they were closing the door!). Because I've had bronchitis, I had a lot of sinus pressure. I was expecting some pain, as I've flown many times with a sinus infection before, but this past weekend I experienced the most excruciating pain in my forehead, and almost passed out from the pain. It was horrible.
Sounds like complaining. But here's what I'm thankful for:
1. I have the ability to travel
2. I get to see people I love and care about
3. I get to learn about and experience new cultures
4. I get to people watch & have time to read fun magazines!

And here's some great airport pictures from my month (and some pictures from my travels):

 Waiting areas...

Rows of luggage from stranded travelers. 

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