Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When There's a Winter Storm

Although many universities and all schools within an hour of me were cancelled today, the University I work at decided to stay open. Normally it takes me about 25 minutes in the winter to scrape my car and drive to work. Today, I scraped for about 30 minutes, and THEN it took me 30 minutes to drive to work. And it started sleeting, so I ended up leaving at about 2:30 anyways. I tried to remind myself that scrapping my car was a great work out.
Last night I went to the grocery store, and waited in line for an hour to check out. Apparently everyone was preparing at the last minute, but this led to very little food left that didn't need to be refrigerated.
A few helpful hints for staying safe in winter storms:
1. If your power goes off, open kitchen cabinets to help keep pipes warm
2. Have a supply of batteries & candles
3. Always keep a supply of non-refrigerated foods in your house, in case you get snowed in for a few days
4. If officials make an announcement that travel is for emergencies only- YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION and you put the lives of others at risk if you go out. So don't
5. Avoid downed power lines
6. Fill pitchers, bottles, and buckets with fresh water
7. If you drive somewhere, have a shovel, blankets, hat, boots, and gloves in your car

And a few pictures from the beginning of the storm:

 My Car this morning

 This took a long time to scrape off

 Sleet is flying through the screens on my window and landing next to the glass

 At least I have lactose free hot chocolate to drink!

 Not a single banana left at the grocery store

Hardly any bread either...

Ok. I don't own this picture, but I found it today and thought it was too funny to pass up sharing!

Does anyone else have pictures or storm stories to share? 


  1. Might have some storm pics to share tomorrow. 40 mph winds here in chicagoland are making for a wierd storm, snow is gathering on odd patterns which may make for interesting pics. Stay warm!

  2. Please do share! I heard some parts of chicago had thunder snow today? So strange. Wind and sleet has picked up here, so I'm sure I'll have some great pictures tomorrow as well. Stay warm, safe, and healthy yourself!