Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boundaries & Health as an Active Process

Did anyone have time to process the info from yesterday on boundaries? It's not something that usually happens automatically. It takes work & effort, especially because we often don't have a great model of boundaries in our life. Remember: We are each in charge of our OWN thoughts, feelings, & behaviors. That is all. We create problems, frustrations, guilt, anger, & stress when we violate this.

This takes work to ACTIVELY practice. Which brings me to a bigger point, and one lesson that I feel like I've had to learn and witness throughout the last two years. HEALTH & WELLNESS is a very active process. To sit by passively and expect it to happen naturally will lead to a lack of health & wellness. In college I thought that working out would "just happen." Let's just say, I suddenly realized a year later that I hadn't stepped foot inside the gym.  It takes active work. Just like setting healthy boundaries does.

We often like to make our thoughts, feelings, or actions (and thus-our overall health, wellness, or happiness) controllable by external situations-we like others to take responsibility for them. But the point is, they are OUR responsibility, and we cannot be healthy until we actively set good boundaries and choose to become an active participant in our life.

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