Saturday, December 4, 2010

Warming up with a glass of tea

Now that December has arrived, the temperature has dropped, and the desire to cuddle under a warm blanket has increased. One way to stay warm-drink a cup of a warm liquid (water, tea, etc...). Beyond just making you feel warmer, however, researchers have discovered that the warmth of a drink can help increase a person's mood. Translation-you will generally feel happier and more peaceful after consuming a warm drink! Another benefit? People are more likely to complete a random act of kindness (even for strangers!) after drinking something that was warm.

I specifically love tea. Sometimes I can get incredibly sick of drinking water (yes-sometimes I just drink hot water), and like a little flavor. Furthermore, tea contains antioxidants, which are particularly healthy for us. Research is currently being done to determine what the tea-anticancer connection is (although there's already been some evidence that tea helps to decrease risk of cancer). The process of holding a warm drink, and soothing yourself, is deeply calming and stress relieving, which provides great health benefits as well. 

I'm by no means an expert in tea, but I became a big tea drinker once I started counseling. Most people are a bit fidgety, and as a counselor, I sit in a chair all day and listen to others talk, and occasionally speak myself. This is the perfect time for me to fidget. But who wants to go to a counselor who's chewing their nails or picking at their skin on their hands? So I hold a glass of tea or hot water. Not only do I feel more pleasant, and am hydrating myself, but it gives me something to keep my hands busy!

Above are a few pictures from my own little tea nook in my kitchen. 

Check out this link for more info on health & tea:

So, this winter, think about drinking tea as a benefit for your overall mood!

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