Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: {A Review Of Life Task 2}

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday, a fun mid-week look at the areas of wellness in our lives. To remind you, in talking about wellness I'm discussing the positive factors in life that help protect us from the events of life. Wellness is therefore not about the absence of the negative, but the presence of the positive. I just finished talking about the 2nd (out of 5) life tasks, and I thought this would be a good time for us to review these components.

Life Task 2 is made up of 12 subtasks:

A few questions to get you thinking:
  1. What is your greatest area of strength? 
  2. How does this strength further your overall wellness?
  3. What are your greatest areas of improvement?
  4. What is one step in each of these areas that you can take to help improve those areas? 
  5. How does your overall wellness in nutrition affect your stress management?
  6. What's one new healthy coping skill that you could implement?
It's interesting to think about how the health in one area of our life affects our health in another (either positively or negatively). It's important to regularly evaluate how each of the areas of our wellness is currently impacting us. 

Now it's your turn!
What are your thoughts on wellness in your life? What areas are easier to be healthy in, and what areas are a little more difficult? 

1 comment:

  1. My one new coping skill is drinking more water. Scanned a book in the bookstore the other day about depression, natural remedies, where a doctor said that all of his bipolar patients were dehydrated and the first thing he does is get them drinking water. He also recommends a good multivitamin (which I am already taking) but makes his patients take it twice a day instead of once a day as directed. I am adding that to my regime too. Gives me hope to try new things.