Friday, September 23, 2011

Fantastic Fridays (Life's Tiny Delights)

Happy Friday!! For my "tiny delight" this week, I'm going to cheat just little bit. That's right- this week I'm picking WELLNESS to be the tiny delight of my week. I know I already do one post on wellness every week, but this week I've had numerous occasions to speak with friends, family, and clients about an issue I'm incredibly passionate about. I'm happy for these opportunities, because I hope to bring awareness to something that I think it crucial to each individual's functioning. Furthermore, the more I talk about something, the more aware I am of it in my own life as well, and wellness is no exception. The more I talk about it and surround myself with other healthy individuals, the more healthy I become too. Health is a process and a journey, and I know that I will never be done challenging myself, growing, and changing. I'm grateful and humbled that I get the chance to talk about something I love so frequently.

Of course with it being Friday, here are some search terms:
Now it's your turn:
What's one healthy thing you are planning to do this weekend? Is there a change you've made in life simply because you've had to focus on it? 

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