Friday, March 25, 2011

Do You Hold the Reigns, or Does Someone Else Have The Power?

I love quotes! I'm sure after this week you haven't figured this out yet... This quote has stuck out in my mind for two reasons: The first-It's SO TRUE! The second-it reminds me of boundaries, and you all know how much I love talking about boundaries! (For my series on boundaries, click on this link and it will redirect you to all the other links on boundaries. For an alternative way to access my posts on boundaries, you can click the "boundary" label at the bottom of this post!)

Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he can anger you only when you 
permit yourself to be disturbed by him.
-- Epictetus (55-135 AD) Greek Philosopher

Remember that with boundaries, we control our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. If we let another person control our feelings (such as anger), then we hand over the control and reigns of our life. If another person controls our feelings, then they control if we are ever happy, or when we get over our anger. And THAT doesn't sound great, does it? I'm certainly not ready to sign over the power in my life to someone else like that.

What are your thoughts on this quote? Do you permit others to have power over your life?

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