Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Version Of Stuffed French Toast

One of the foods I crave the most is IHOP's stuffed french toast. It's DELICIOUS. With the fruit, whipped cream, and powdered sugar topping the french toast filled with cream cheese, this meal is simply amazing. At one point I remember hearing that this meal was almost 1500 calories, and unfortunately I can believe it. So I decided to create a healthier (and cheaper!) version of this delicious meal.
I  just bought the jar of coconut oil for the first time, and was anxious to finally use it. I don't normally put oil in the frying pan while making french toast, but like I said, I was anxious. I don't know if it made any significant difference or not.
So here's what I did:
Mix 2 eggs with a splash of vanilla flavoring and a splash of cinnamon

Warm up the coconut oil in the pan, and after dipping the bread into the bowl, place in frying pan

Once cooked on both sides, I covered on side of the toast with honey nut cream cheeese

Finished product-put 2 pieces together with cream cheese in between, with fruit & syrup on top. 

It was DELICIOUS! I savor every bite. This is certainly not the most healthy breakfast food to eat, but it's a better alternative to IHOPs version. I wonder how many calories this has. I should've counted... 

What's one of your favorite unhealthy/high calorie meal? Do you have any alternatives to favorite restaurant dishes?


  1. My favorite high calorie meal is probably butternut squash lasagna made with real cream. It's soooooo good though. I love stuffed French toast, too!

  2. I love any huge burger I can get my hands on when I go out and I crave constantly those huge Chipotle burritos; but that's one thing my husband and I recreate ourselves; healthier and less expensive!
    I'm excited to make this; I've been looking for new breakfast recipes.

  3. My weakness is a milkshake. It's hard to resist! ;) I'm proud of you for finding a more healthy & cost effective way to make your treat!

    I calculated the calories for you:

    egg 54 calories each x 2 = 108 calories

    coconut oil 39 calories/teaspoon = (assuming used amount is 2 teaspoons) = 78 calories

    bread 80 calories per slice = (assuming 2 slices) = 160 calories

    honey nut cream cheese 90 calories per 1oz = (assuming used amount is 2 oz) = 180 calories

    blueberries 16 calories per 1 oz = 16 calories

    Total calories about 542

    Saving you 958 calories from ihop!

    ~ Info from

  4. French toast is one of my favorites. There's a place here called Le Madeleine that makes French Toast from a cinnamon roll. Topped with fruit and whipped cream. I swear this is my calories for an entire week but oh so yummy!

  5. I should try this one.

    I usually just soak it to a bowl of eggs and spread a peanut butter as topping

  6. mmm this makes me so hungry. when you got featured and i came to check it out.. i saw recipes and i knew your blog is for me!
    congrats on being featured