Monday, April 23, 2012

Thankfulness Project Monday

"Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value in your life."
-Christiane Northrup

I vanished for awhile without any warning, but I'm back now, and am hoping to have a little more time to blog. Things have been pretty busy in my life right now, and blogging was a quick and easy thing to cut out. What better way to come back to the blog than by re-focusing again on the things that I'm thankful for at the moment:

  • The chance to focus on things that I'm grateful for. I almost feel like I'm cheating by putting this on the list, but I am thankful for a designated time in my week to focus on things in my life. I still maintain that this is a healthy and important habit for each of us to maintain. 
  • Sunshine! While some springs have been pretty gray in these parts, it has been nice and sunny this spring, and I'm loving it!
  • Longer days! I absolutely love that it is still light when I leave work now. It's a little bit of a drag in the winter to leave work when it's already pitch dark out, so I'm definitely taking advantage of the longer hours of daylight. Longer days also means more people outside playing and laughing, which is also nice. In the winter I feel like people hurry inside quickly, and things are too quiet around me. 
  • Iced tea & lemonade drinks. Delicious! I tend to not drink this mixture too much in the winter because I spend most of the time drinking hot drinks. I just recently whipped this drink back out again, and am enjoying having "warm weather" drinks again!
  • Flowers. Although I'm not a big fan of the pollen (hello itchy eyes and stuffed nose!), I love seeing all the flowers when I'm out on walks or driving back and forth to work. It definitely adds a cheerful tone to life, and I can't help but smile. It's the little things, right? 
Now it's our turn!
What are you feeling thankful for today? In what ways are you enjoying the longer hours of daylight? 

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